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Mother's Day

March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm not one for large holiday celebrations or gifting. But, I see Mother's Day more as a reminder to be grateful for the family you have, the mother who raised you, the amazing women in your life who shaped you. Since becoming a mother myself Mother's Day serves as a reminder of what an awesome responsibility raising kids is, and it's made me see my mom in a whole new way.

I've also realized since becoming a mom, something I entirely overlooked previously, is how few photos of mothers there tend to be. Moms put so much time and work into crafting their kids' childhood, we take tons of picture of out kids enjoying their lives. Social media accounts are full of these adultless children. But, what's left is not a true representation of what life really looks like. Moms and Grandmoms are suspiciously absent from photos... Do you believe that my three year old cut or baked those sweet Christmas cookies you see her decorating all by herself on Instagram? No, but someone has to document these memories, and that's just one of the job duties of being a mom; family historian. 

This becomes a problem later, when our kids don't have photos of us. I have so few photos of my mother and grandmother with us as kids, even though this are the women who did everything for us, these are the women who are so entwined in almost every memory of my childhood. However by the photographic record, it's as though they weren't super involved. 

Selfishly, I want it all;  I want time to stop, I want my babies just as they are right now, I want my girls to have photos of me to remember just how loved they are. Mother's Day is a great reminded to get mom in the frame, get photos with mom and grandmom. Let these amazing ladies see how absolutely beautiful they are and give your family chance to honor and appreciate these matriarchs. 

As a Mother's Day gift sessions shot before Saturday May 6th will include an upgraded 8x10 print. Because I believe the best thing to do with photos are to print them and the vest thing to do with any are is to display it. 


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