Jessica Piva Photography | About

I'm Jessica, I live in south Jersey with my wild little tribe. I have two amazing kids; Evan and Isla and a husband who is better than I let him know. I spend as much time as I can outside playing with my little guys, taking nature walks with our little dog, drinking too much coffee, and hunting for the perfect v-neck tee shirt. (I've heard good things about Banana Republic, but I'm a Target girl)

I've always enjoyed photos and was kind of fascinated by photography. I remember how magical I thought my dad's camera was when I was little. I loved looking at his photos and hearing the stories that went with them. In my teens I always carried a point and shoot with me, I just loved having the ability to preserve moments. When my oldest was born I knew I became even more passionate about capturing memories. 

I love images of the everyday, the little things that we may not  have the time to fully appreciate in the moment. Life is busy and crazy and I want to hold on every bit of this chaos with both hands. I want to capture and preserve the truest things about your family so that you can have tangible art of these amazing moments.