Jessica Piva Photography | Delanco Children's photographer - Isla Valentine's 2

Delanco Children's photographer - Isla Valentine's 2

March 03, 2017  •  9 Comments

This weekend we're celebrating our littlest chick turning two!! I swear this second year has gone faster than the first. I'm absolutely thrilled with the toddler she's becoming, I love how chatty she is, I love how she plays with her sister. But, my mama heart aches for the fact that my tiny Isla Valentine. You may not believe it now, but she was the teeniest baby; seriously, tiny! 

We headed to Pennington Park in Delanco to take a few birthday portraits. It was nice to have some space for my oldest to run around while she waited for her sister to be finished; always a consideration when photographing toddlers. It was a beautiful winter day that sure felt like spring and offered us a gorgeous sunset. I stopped to pick up a few balloons; I'm not always a fan of props, but when I asked Isla what she wanted for her birthday this year she only requested two thing; balloons and cake. 

I enjoy a nice clean birthday portrait, but I really love the candid shots that show who this kid is right now. Because I can assure you that this sweet girl smiling so nicely at the camera is not exactly who my wild Isla really is. I love images of children that express their curiosity and silliness. I want photos that show everything that children are; pure unadulterated joy that drive you to the edge of insanity. 

Happy Birthday Isla Valentine; you sweet, wild thing.


What a little cutie!!! Love how these images show so much of her personality!
BOBBIJO STUART(non-registered)
she has so much personality!
Beautiful images!! This area reminds me of a little spot in WA where I used to live that I would visit often.
Very cute little girl & great captures!!
These are sooo cute! <3
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