Jessica Piva Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jessica Piva Photography (Jessica Piva Photography) Wed, 16 May 2018 16:29:00 GMT Wed, 16 May 2018 16:29:00 GMT Jessica Piva Photography: Blog 120 84 In home mother's day session I love capturing families in their own homes, it's a privilege that I take great honor in. I love being welcomed into a home to capture a family in their everyday beauty. When Lauren contacted me that's exactly what she had in mind, I was so excited as I feel it's so important to hold onto these precious and fleeting moments.

Lauren and Nick have two beautiful little girls and crazy schedules; Lauren runs a business from home with a 3 year old and 6 month (seriously, super mom!) and Nick has a busy work schedule, as well. It was just serendipitous that we got together days before Mother's Day, and I got to capture a lot of mothering moments. The beautiful moments that occur all the time and need to be celebrated more; nursing the baby while the toddler plays, preparing dinner with a special little helper, Dad's home coming the toddler and surprising Mom with flowers <3. 

Lauren is such a gorgeous mother and I'm so glad she let me be a fly on the wall in her home for a while. I hope these images serve as a permanent reminder of the beauty in the everyday. The nights are long, but the years are short.

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personal project 365 - week 13

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personal project 365 - week 12

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personal project 365 - week 11

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person project 365 - week 10

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personal project 365- week 9

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personal project 365 - week 8

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persona project 365 - week 7

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personal project 365 - week 6

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personal project 365 - week 5

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personal project 365 - week 4

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personal project 365 - week three Week three brought lots of lifestyle portraits, my favorite <3

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personal project 365 - week two This week has pushed me, and it's been really satisfying. 

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personal project 365 - week one I've committed myself to a personal project this year; something for myself so that I can continue to grow in my art. I feel very strongly about education and I spend a lot of my time taking classes, reading, participating in communities of photographers; I love learning and growing. But, I worry that I've neglected myself and so this year I will be taking some time for myself each day to create one image, just for me. 

I've thought about how best to share this with you without being overwhelming. And, so I'm going to start a weekly blog series to go along with my project; just a place to share my journey








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Medford lifestyle family session When Anna and I first spoke about her family portraits she expressed concern; having 3 super active boys aged 5,4, and 3. And from a mom point of view I completely understand the concern and the stress that having portraits done can cause. As a mother you want your kids to "behave" for portraits. We talked about my approach to my younger client; I want to capture who these amazing little people are and that's not always going to be a stationary smile. As we spoke Anna told me all the sweet things that she adores about her boys and what she'd love to remember about her family as it is right this moment. And, I have to admit, I cried when I read her responses. She told me about how she wanted to really hold on to how sweet and confident the boys are right now and their silliness; she told me about how kind and hardworking her husband is, and an amazing father; we talked about their busy lifestyle and the boy's boundless energy. 

I knew that these boys needed to get outside! The family just relocated to the area and I thought Kirby's Mill would give them plenty of space to just be boys. 

I loved capturing this sweet family and this awesome time in their lives. 

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Moorestown lifestyle extended family session I love lifestyle sessions because they allow families to really capture their truth; really embrace the current season of their lives. These sessions really help to preserve memories. I know, as a mom, I want to remember my children's personalities and funny little things that are just so "them" and it makes me so happy to be able to do that for clients... especially for moms. 

In home sessions are great for lifestyle sessions because it really allows for children to be comfortable and themselves and allows for me to really see little bits of their personalities that a formal portrait session may miss. This was a large extended family in home session... four grandparents, two families, three small children. I absolutely loved how this family interacted and got along. It was so beautiful to see such a close knit, large family and I feel so lucky that I got to capture their awesome relationships. 

If you have children who are not super into having portraits done or who get really shy in front of the camera then an in home lifestyle session may be exactly the thing for you to get beautiful images of your littles exactly as they are. Maybe you really want to remember the sweet relationship your children share as siblings or that special way it feels when you're all cuddled up together. In home lifestyle sessions just allow for a more intimate portrait experience and if that's something that you're looking for consider an in home session next time you're looking to update your family portraits. 

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Mark and Laurie - West Windsor Wedding Capturing a marriage is always really special; it's such an important moment in a couple's lives. But this felt even more elevated; Mark and Laurie weren't simply being wed, they were becoming a family. They had a perfect, intimate, ceremony and reception at Mercer Oaks. It was a cloudy morning and the sky broke just in time for their patio ceremony, surrounded by their closest family and friends.  It was such a perfect day. 

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Baby Carl - Philadelphia newborn session I had the pleasure of capturing some maternity photos for Ashley and Carl, when Ashley was about 32 weeks along. We made plans for baby Carl's newborn photos. But, as babies often do, he had other plans. He arrived three weeks early and with scheduling being what it is we weren't able able to reschedule his session. He was over a month old when we shot his newborn portraits and he was the best sleeping newborn I have seen in a while. He absolutely rocked this session; like... he was the kind of baby that makes you reconsider your own family planning. Get out of here baby fever! Thank you, baby Carl, for being such a good little helper!

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R family beach session - Wildwood family portraits I'm struggling with the end of summer, it was such a good summer and I'm so sad to see it go. But, this last beach session of the season has me looking for ward to fall and updating family photos. 

It was a pretty gray day, and had been raining on and off and the sky was still pretty ominous, but the stars aligned and we somehow made out with a gorgeous golden hour session on the beach in North Wildwood... before it started storming again, someone was definitely looking out for us. 

Summer is a pretty busy season for this family; with every member celebrating their birthday within 6 weeks, and mom and dad's anniversary as well. This year was an especially momentous occasion with the oldest starting her senior year of high school; even though she's still her mama's baby. It's always such an honor to be able to capture such amazing moments for families. 

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Aviva's first birthday - Moorestown family portraits First birthday's are such a huge milestone, not just for your sweet babe but the whole family. That's why I was thrilled when Alison contacted me looking for a first birthday family session. I love cake smashes and adore fun first birthday outfits and pinterest inspired first birthday parties; but I think it's really important to celebrate first birthdays as a family. That's what they are; first anniversaries, the first anniversary of your family in it's current iteration. 

We kind of kept Aviva up past her bedtime to catch the best light, but she was an amazing trooper. She was nothing but big smiles and the happiest blue eyes the whole time. It was so sweet to capture the love Alison and Ken have for their baby girl, they were such a treat to work with. It's so amazing to get to capture such an amazing chapter in a family's story. Happy birthday sweet girl!!

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